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 Let's go to Banff
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Peter goes to Cannes

Our immortal guru Peter C. just left beautiful BC to go to Cannes, France for Cannes Film Festival. Our friends from Nikon as usual support his efforts with their gear. Thank you!
Mountain Soul Searching

Four exotic, high end, documentaries devoted to a closer look at the planet, through the enjoyment of mountain cultures.


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RISK - the ultimate net show

Daredevils that risk their necks, social upheavals, hostile takeovers, gambles that people take in their daily lives...these are the topics of discussion on The RISK Channel.
TELEMARK II: The Backcountry Odyssey

The telemark method of mountain travel is an ancient one that was practiced in Northern Europe by Vikings. Today telemarking or free-heeling is enjoying a surge in popularity as there is a want to get away from the congestion of the ski hills and discover the thrill of backcountry touring..
KRAKOW: Preserving A Nest for Culture

Krakow, a city of the same size as Vancouver, Canada, manages to support 17 regular theatres and 43 museums seven days a week..
Snow and Loathing

Imagine this scenario: A band of Canadian powder junkies meets a compulsive consumer, a manic spender from the land of milk and honey, and cheaper gas..

Pete's Adventure Film School

Going to Ski What?

Are you an Extreme Skier or Snowboarder? If you are, you have to check this out. On March 30 a team of skiers and boarders tried the first descent of The Lions.
Santa Marta Expedition

On December 15th 1998 the group of adventures arrived in Colombia. Their goal is to climb and ski the highest coastal mountain range - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Mt. Rainier training climb

For the first time all members of Dhaulagiri expedition got together on the slopes of this beautiful volcano. On Saturday, June 27th. at 12:30 PM. seven of us summited the 14,411 ft. peak.
Himalayan Snowboard Expedition

Join us for an incredible adventure of skiing and snowboarding Nepal's Himalayas. Come to the magic kingdom of Nepal and through our story enjoy all the sights of this incredible place. Follow our journey through Katmandu, Annapurna and Khumbu regions in our quest for Himalayan snows.

In Memory of Trevor Petersen

Extreme skiing is not a sport. It's a way of life. On some occasions it's also a way of death. Trevor, an internationally acclaimed extreme skier perished while tackling the French Alps last spring.