Indigenous Cultures - Kogi Indians

In the Rainforest in Columbia, there lives a tribe of South American Indians called the "Kogi." Unlike all other Indian cultures, the Kogi's was not totally decimated by the Spaniards. The Kogi were a very technically and culturally advanced tribe who were able to withdraw into the Rainforest and up into the mountains where the Spaniards had great difficulty in pursuing them. Having moved back from the lowlands and ocean, the Kogi needed salt to survive in the Rainforest. They quickly assessed the situation and proposed to engage in commerce with the Spanish, trading the gold they used in their rituals for salt and fish. The Spaniards steadily increased the Kogi's payments until the Indians had no gold left. Despite this, the Kogi Indians have been able to keep their culture alive to the present day, however much reduced.

What is amazing about these people is the technology that they had. Their ruins have remained perfectly intact, even in the middle of the Rainforest for over a thousand years. The Kogi Indians were in such a perfect alignment with nature that the Rainforest didn't erode any of their construction. How did the Kogi achieve this? All of the knowledge and culture of these people was guided and sustained by the priests. Initiates for priesthood were kept in a large, dark hut with other initiates from the age of five years old for a period of nine years. For nine years they were kept apart from the world, in the dark. Their only contact was with the visiting elder priests who recounted stories of their experiences in the world outside and taught them about the Rainforest. In this way the initiates' imagination was heightened to an incredible degree, sensitized by a longing to be part of the world.

When they were finally brought back into the world the initiate priests encountered the beautiful colours of the lush Rainforest, butterflies, buds and flowers! What they saw and felt, the sensitivity that they had developed, and the knowledge and support the older priests had given them, brought them into a much higher consciousness than ordinary men. It was this facility that enabled them to create such a powerful, harmonic and supreme technology.

The Kogi people refer to the rest of us as younger brother. They warn us that if the younger brother does not listen to the older brother we will all die.