Imagine this scenario: A band of Canadian powder junkies meets a compulsive consumer, a manic spender from the land of milk and honey, and cheaper gas (USA)

SNOW & LOATHING Story by Peter Chrzanowski Outline written by Peg Ainsley, revised by Peter Chrzanowski.

The wild adventure begins at a ski resort. The main character , Zack , a would be writer/ photographer with enough talent, but not quite the motivation , awakens in a rustic squatters cabin in the back woods around Whistler Resort.. Behind the cabin there is a tent pitched where Jamie lives. Jamie is a part time student. They both share the cooking and lounging facilities at the cabin. Their third accomplice in a life centered around ski bumming is Chad. Chad is a good looking athletic type who works as a minimum wage " gopher " at a local high end hotel. He is quite impressed with money, never having quite enough himself , yet having rto serve the always well off visiting tourists. He yearns the quick buck and unlike Zack and Jamie is always scheming ways to make more money beyond "just skiing and surviving". Jamie has a girlfiend ,Melissa, who comes up from the city to stay with the guys.

Arriving into town by limousine is Doug. Doug is a millionaire with a zest for skiing. We hear stories about how he got his money. There are rumors about a car accident and a large insurance claim. There are many mysteries around the character. Above all he is a manic consumer on a spending spree with an attention span of thirty seconds or so. Always party ready and ready to spend money. There is something innocently sad about him, like a big kid let loose in a candy store at the ski resort. Doug checks into the hotel where Chad is working.

It is a fantastic day for skiing. There is a foot of fresh snow and the skies are clear. The mission statement of the day for the trio of locals is to somehow get up the lifts with one ski pass between the three of them. Through well rehearsed and comical procedures they manage to achieve this with Chad's complimentary ticket from the hotel. The three head directly for their favorite out of bound's run. There is avalanche danger and both Chad and Jamie back down . Zack is determined to ski the steep and deep" Don't Miss" as it is dubbed by the locals.

At the same time Doug is looking for excitement as well. He signs up for the local celebrity ski challenge. His name becomes quickly synonymous around town with his abnoxious consuming habits, buying sprees and fun loving but often abnoxious manners.

In the midst of the Celebrity Challenge all attention is diverted to an avalanche above on " Don't Miss ". Seen here is Zack who sets of a slide and is swept away with it. He cartwheels in a mass of snow, barely misses going over a huge cliff, but recovers and proceeds to escape from the ski patrol who is determined to catch the culprit. He has made a rendezvous with Chad and Jamie at a place called " Khyber Pass ", a fabulous run in the trees .

Doug who has witnessed the avalanche, proceeds with his two rather shady looking accomplices to also persue the fleeing Zack who majestically " shreds " up the slopes in his escape from the patrol. " We gotta catch these guys , they know where the powder is " he blurts out top his companions. Being at a favorable location Doug and his friends manage to intercept Zack in the trees at " Khyber Pass ". The locals at first are hesitant to let the millionaire and his entourage in on their best kept secret run. Chad recognizing Doug from the morning at the hotel and persuades the bunch that it would be in their " best interest " to let him in on the run Zack and Jamie reluctantly agree to show Doug the way down through their cherished tree run. For the moment all are ectastic, skiing majestically through the deep powder snow forgetting their status and role models.

Doug is so impressesd with the run that he offers to take the trio heliskiing. It turns out that the boys are well known as " bad boys " and renegades in the area. Upon teaming up with Doug, also by now known for his lavish spending habits, the group is not welcomed by any of the regular and " straight " heli operators. But the snow keeps falling and they must go. the boys have now been invited to move in to Doug's " top of the line " hotel suite for a night of partying. As Doug begins to dissappear into a back room with his shady friends, we begin to learn about his other

Next morning Zack,hungover but being industrious, immediately gets on the phone and manages to secure a logging helicopter wgging machine, adorned with rustproof paint and gun mounts on it from it's Vietnam days. The pilot, Trevor, brings along an assistant, Darrel, clad in a baggy snowmobile suit. Neither has worked with heli-ski clients before and they are determined to make a good impression on money-bags Doug and the crew.They enjoy an amazing day of heli-skiing by pirating in on regular heli-ski territory. As the local orthodox heli operation skis gentle glacier runs, the renegade chopper deposits the crew of skiers to steep ridges and tree chutes where they often must jump out of the hovering machine unable to land on the precipice. Doug flaunts his affluance with a champagne lunch. In the middle of the skiing Doug departs to fly in his current girlfriend, De

The heli-skiing has pleased Doug beyond mortal means. He is totally impressed with Zack and his friends. To their surprise he departs without notice the following day leaving $40,000 green cash " in American " , he says to the boys. They are to buy a car with the money and proceed down towards New Orleans and the Mardi Gras to party with Doug. The raggedy trio walks into a high end Saab dealership and buys a top of the line turbo model with cash to the surprise of the sales staff. They top off the purchase with a good radar detector and proceed to straightline it to Jackson Hole, a ski resort enroute, to rendezvous with Doug.

At Jackson,to their surprise, Doug meets them with a motor home.He announces that he purchased it in Zack's name to avoid IRS hassles. " The hotels may be full at the Mardi Gras " he announces. " We need a place to crash in ". His shady character friends Bill and Cliff show up in a black BMW to do some skiing. Doug being impressed with Zack's " marketing mouth " skills , comissions him to arrange for comp passes . He has bought a video camera and instructs Zack to tell the mountain managment, they are filming a ski movie in order to obtain the complimentary lift tickets.Zack pulls off the job smoothly with the managment and the crew enjoys several days on a partying and skiing mižsion at Jackson Hole.

It's time to hit the road again and the wild entourage consisting of the Saab, Motor home and the Black BMW proceeds to the Mardi Gras. Along the way Doug continues his wild spending habits terrorizing small town souvenir shops and motels along the way. Quite regularly , he ends up in jail for not having cash on hand

Arriving at the Mardi Gras, Doug continues with his wild partying habits. Chad has also talked ng the cash shipment.

The entourage now heads north to Las Vegas, the epitemy of American consumerism. Doug feels very much at home here.Doug has learned of the yearly ski show at the Vegas conference centre. He continues his charades with Zack to get him into the show on a " home made " press pass. Once in , he continues his antics by dragging home to the Hiltoin a duffel bag full of pamphlets and junk samples. Consuming is work to Doug and he brags on how hard he worked collecting all the trash from the show.

It becomes evident that there is a bigger deal in the making. Chad is in on it now. The Saab has been intended as a part of

Chad has grabbed the Saab and te bag of coke from Bill and Cliff and makes for a high speed escape from the scene. The BMW is in hot persuit and Doug and the rest follow in a hired Limo. The Police join the chase. The Saab flips and rolls bursting into a fireball. As Doug arrives on the scene, Penny pulls out an FBI badge. " That's the end of the road, pal ", she motions to Doug. " He turns to Jamie and Zack ;You guys wanna go home...Here's the money, cash, American." Penny acknowledges that Zack and Jamie were not any part of the contraband scheme and they are allowed to leave gracefully. Doug receives amild jail sentence based on his " brain damage " defence, and dries out from his habit.Bill and

EPILOGUE (Two years later)

Zack and Jamie are skiing the Khyber. One thing led to another. As they walk through town after skiing, the local cinema and headlines in papers are heralding the new ski feature in town. Zack wrote and published the outlandish story in a major ski magazione.This followed with Zack writing a great screenplay based on their adventure. A large Hollywood studio bought the rights and he now heads a consulting firm for outdoor pictures shot in BC. His work consists of shooting pictures, scouting locations around his love, skiing. Jamie has graduated from school and joins Zack as a partner. They head up for another run. The skiing is epic.