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"Quatronix of Mountain Soul Searching"

(4x52min, color, 16mm, Beta SP/DV)

Four exotic, high end, documentaries devoted to a closer look at the planet,

through the enjoyment of mountain culture.

The four expedition films are designed to use our own breed of characters that are active and passionate mountain lovers. It is our philosophy to work with best suited people for interaction with indigenous mountain cultures of each region. Since our team has such a genuine appreciation of alpine environments, they tend to bond harmoniously with each location and its inhabitants.

Expedition #1: December-January 98/99, Colombia, The Santa Marta Expedition.

Join us on an exotic journey to a land of most diverse in flora and fauna of the world. We travel to the land of the Tairona and Kogi natives, experience the only surviving pre-Colombian civilization, heed their warnings of rapid environmental doom and of course ski, kayak, paraglide and experience a distant and often forbidden land of 6,000 meter coastal peaks, only fifty kilometers from the Caribbean Sea.

Expedition #2: August-November 99, Nepal/Tibet, Dhaulagiri Paragliding Expedition.

The second film of the series takes us to the exquisite Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. The intent is to climb, ski and paraglide one of the world’s highest and most impressive peaks. These would be all firsts.

Dhauligiri (8,167 meters), and to draw attention to two new associations: the Manang Rescue Fund (MRF) and the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG). Both associations were created to protect the Sherpas in their role as porter and mountaineer.

The Sherpas (people of the east) came to Nepal, in the 16th and 17th century, from the eastern Tibetan province of Khams. Their wonderful ability to thrive at high elevations, has enabled them to survive as farmers and traders, but more recently as the backbone of most expeditions. Sherpas serve as guides, porters, and cooks and mountaineers have come to depend on them more and more as they travel to higher peaks.

The story of the Sherpa is not often told. Through this film, the team will explore Sherpa life in Katmandu; their traditions in the Annapurna region; and their life and the risk involved as incredible guides and porters on many of the world’s highest peaks. The recent establishment of the Manang Rescue Fund (MRF) and the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) is in response to the many unnecessary, often critical accidents that the Sherpa face.

Expedition #3: December 99/January 2000: New Zealand, Catching the First Light of the Millennium.

The Mountains of New Zealand will be the first peaks to see sun rays of the Millennium. The Maori Natives or the people of Tangata Whenua, who emigrated from Hawaii by Canoe, thousands of years ago plan a big celebration. Extreme Explorations will be on hand to explore this phenomenon as well as to carry out it. s own breed of adventure. We will expose our own ways of playing in and enjoying this mountain land, while merging spiritually and physically with the native population.

Expedition #4: February-March 2000, The Tatras of Poland and Slovakia, In Quest for Mountain Soul.

The Tatras Mountain region of Poland and Slovakia is one of the most unique mountain cultures in the world. There is a sense of medieval antiquity only spiced up by the modern intrusion of resort technology. Explore the Tatras, the vacation and meeting places of the former east block and see how western brand of ski culture interact with rituals hundreds of years old.