The Backcountry Odyssey

47.50 minutes,16mm/DV/Beta SP with stereo mix

The telemark method of mountain travel is an ancient one that was practised in Northern Europe by the Vikings and other pre-historic cultures. Today telemarking or free-heeling is enjoying a surge in popularity as there is a want to get away from the congestion of the ski hills and discover the thrill of backcountry touring.

One of the most successful videos on the sport is Telemark One, released in 1994 by Extreme/Zinc Productions. Telemark One hit the nerve and found a market. To date, over 10,000 units have been distributed to the home video crowd. In addition a repackaged broadcast version has played in 15 countries and continues to be rebroadcast (Outdoor Life Network, OLA Network, Beta/Taurus Broadcasting) in the 1997/98 season. As backcountry adventure activities and sports like telemarketing are experiencing a welcomed resurgence the folks at Zinc/Extreme have focused their efforts in the production of high quality action adventure entertainment with the continuation of The Telemark Series.

Telemark Too: The Backcountry Odyssey, will be hosted by Troy Jungen a mountain adventurer extrodinaire, part Swiss and part Canadian Beaver Indian. For the last eight years Troy has been roaming the mountainous areas of the world in search of adventure. During his travels in Alaska, British Columbia, the Rockies, USA, South America, France, Italy and Switzerland Troy developed a deep philosophical approach to mountaineering. His current writings can be found in a feature article published in the December 97 issue of POWDER magazine titled, " Dirtbag Thesis of Skiing ". Troy has achieved celebrity status in the world of mountain adventure as he has been featured in numerous photos and articles world wide∑ (Aka skidor in Sweden, Skieur in France, Ski and Powder in the USA, and the Ski Freak Radical in Canada).

Telemark Too will take the viewer to some the most magnificent terrain in the world while meeting the eccentric, the wild and the colourful local backcountry characters that practice this ancient technique. Locations on and off the beaten track are visited including Vancouver Island's Mt. Cain, Utah's Alta/Snowbird, Whitewater in the BC Interior, the Rockies and a look at Scandinavia where the sport enjoys the highest honours and the longest history.

Recent technical developments in telemark gear have enabled these skiers to go anywhere and do anything. Extreme steeps, deep powder, treed glades and narrow couloirs are now part of the telemarker‚s domain! First descents and tricky technical runs are now possible ∑ the famed 14,000 vertical Wickersham wall was just skied as a first descent by two telemarkers.

Telemark Too: The Backcountry Odyssey will take us on an adventure into the winter‚s silence as we ski the extreme with free heeler Troy Jungen and his backcountry buddies.



Mountain Guide, adventurer, writer, photographer and telemarker extraordinaire, Troy Jungen is a celebrity with an attitude. This attitude has developed into a passionate philosophy on the life of a mountaineer. As one of the bright, up and coming leaders in the mountaineering world we are pleased to be working with a talent of this character.

Although Troy alpine skis and snowboards, he holds a special passion for free-heel skiing. Even with the advance of current telemark equipment such as stiffer boots and fatter high performance skis his adventures have transcended technique and taken the sport to new limits.

Troy's mission statement alone describes that passion: " I wish to propagate and share the skiing/climbing mountain experience world wide through adventure photojournalism, film and the Internet. I am working toward being an internationally certified UIAGM mountain guide while exploring my Native heritage."

Troy is part Swiss and part native Canadian Beaver Indian. These indigenous roots are intimately entwined with his love of nature.

For the last eight years Troy has been roaming the globe in search of winter adventures in the mountains. Travelling, touring, studying and writing are his life. Presently you can find his writing work in the December 97 issue of POWDER magazine where his " Dirtbag Thesis of Skiing " was published. Troy has also appeared in numerous photos and articles world wide including Aka skidor in Sweden, Skieur in France, Ski and Powder in the USA, Freeze Magazine and the Ski Freak Radical.

Ski film makers such as Greg Stump, Extreme Explorations, Zinc Productions, Real Action Pictures along with various international television producers have featured his multiglisse talents. His filmography includes The Whiteout television series, P'tex Lies and Duct Tape as well as The Spirit documentary which highlights his first ever ski descent from the North Face of Mt Robson.

Troy Jungen, adventurer extraordinaire will take us one a tour that celebrates the wonder and magnificence of the mountains and the unique passion of the free-heeling backcountry characters.